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Any hesitation about studying abroad is typically related to the cost. However, what most students don’t know is that they can actually apply for many scholarships offered partially or fully by various authorities or governments around the world where studying abroad can sometimes be cheaper than a traditional on-campus semester in a private Institution in Sri Lanka.

If you enter a Government University in Sri Lanka where you will get free education its great,.. But doing a private Institute offered degree in Sri Lanka offered by some international University can be costly than actually going to India for example and getting a first-hand Commonwealth Government University Internal degree with a worldwide recognition which is by far recognized by the Sri Lankan UGC and internationally.

A study abroad scholarship is a monetary award for students to use toward the expenses of their program such as travel, course credits, books and lodging. Students must apply for scholarships and some can be very competitive while others are underutilized. There are several types of study abroad scholarships to apply for such as:

  • Merit-based:
    These awards are based on a student's academic, artistic, athletic or other abilities, and often factor in an applicant's extracurricular activities and community service record. It’s important to note that qualifications will vary based on the particular scholarship.

  • Student-specific:
    These are scholarships for applicants who initially qualify based on factors such as gender, race, religion, family background and medical history, or many other student-specific factors. qualifications will vary based on the particular scholarship. Some are even awarded for students who’s parents are Government occupied.

  • Destination-specific:
    These are scholarships awarded to students planning to pursue a study abroad program in that particular country. They are awarded as an incentive to study in that country instead of elsewhere.

  • Program-specific:
    Program-specific scholarships are offered by individual study abroad programs and/or the colleges and universities where they may be associated to qualified applicants. These scholarships are often given on the basis of academic and personal achievement, but qualifications will vary based on the particular scholarship. Check with your study abroad program and university to see what scholarships are available.

  • Subject-specific:
    Subject-specific scholarships are awarded by study abroad programs or institutions to students based on their particular major or field of study. These scholarships may require the recipients to enroll in subject-specific courses while abroad or conduct subject-specific research while abroad, but it’s important to note that qualifications will vary based on each scholarship.

Scholarships awarded to Study in India, organized by the GLOBAL ENVIRONMENTAL YOUTH EDUCATION FOUNDATION for the Academic year 2014

These are partially or fully subsidized degree programmes in Degree Colleges affiliated with Bangalore University, Mangalore University, Rajive Ghandhi University of Health Studies, and Visvesvaraiah University of Technology India.

Full Scholarships (Including Board & Lodging) –
Full Scholarships (Excluding Board & Lodging) –

Partial Scholarships ( Student has to bear 25% ) –
Partial Scholarships ( Student has to bear 50% ) –

Only Registered students with AMASA EDUCATIONAL SERVICES will be eligible to apply for these Scholarships.

Mr. G.A.A. Galgamuwa
Global Environmental Youth Education Foundation
81, Wattaranthanne Pasage Kandy, Sri Lanka.
Tel : 0777 840028

University of Auckland International Doctoral Scholarship

The University of Auckland established these Scholarships in 2000 in order to attract and assist International students to pursue doctoral research at the University.

The Scholarships will be available annually to students enrolling at the University of Auckland for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy. Applicants are expected to have an excellent academic record. The Scholarships are only tenable by students who are neither citizens nor permanent residents of New Zealand or Australia.

Applications for the University of Auckland International Doctoral Scholarships must be made on the application form available from the International Office or by downloading it from the link below. The completed application form is to be submitted to the International Office no later than August 1 in the year preceding the award. Late applications will not be considered. The University of Auckland International Doctoral Scholarship has a value of $18,000 per annum plus up to $15,000 per annum as a contribution towards PhD (tuition) fees.

Download the International Doctoral Scholarship & International Doctoral Fees Scholarship Application Form, print it out, and fill it in. This form, together with supporting documentation should be sent to:

International Office
The University of Auckland
Private Bag 92019
New Zealand.

Commonwealth Scholarships

The Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan (CSFP) is an international programme under which member governments offer scholarships and fellowships to citizens of other Commonwealth countries. The CSFP was established at the first Commonwealth education conference in 1959 and is reviewed by education ministers at their triennial meetings – the only scholarship scheme in the world to receive such high-level recognition.

As part of the programme New Zealand offers Commonwealth Scholarships for Master’s and PhD study.

Commonwealth Scholarships awardees can only study at these New Zealand universities:

The Endeavour Scholarships

The Endeavour Awards offer UK and international students and professionals the opportunity to undertake study, research and professional development in any field in Australia.

Endeavour Award categories for the main round are:

  • Endeavour Postgraduate and Postdoctoral Awards
  • Endeavour Research Fellowship
  • Endeavour Vocational Education and Training (VET) Award
  • Endeavour Executive Award

All eligible students and professionals are encouraged to apply.
Link :


Each Commonwealth government has designated a national agency for the operation of Commonwealth Scholarships

Please contact the following Authority for more information about applying for a Commonwealth Scholarship from Sri Lanka. Please note, however, that not all national agencies will be invited to nominate candidates for all Commonwealth Scholarships offered.

Additional Secretary (Development)
Ministry of Higher Education
Higher Education Division
No 18, Ward Place
Colombo 7
Sri Lanka
Tel: +94 11 268 8621
Fax: +94 11 267 1355

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